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I hope this section answers most of your queries. Please Contact me for any other assistance if unanswered already.

How to place an order?

  1. Decide what you would love to order if its available.
  2. Choose from available products HERE
  3. Like a project which is sold out? I will help and try to replicate the same if possible for me .
  4. Have something unique already in mind? Order for a customized and a unique project matching your liking and taste

Payment Options

  1. For all customized projects 50 % advance must be made to help me queue your order.
  2. For ready to pick up cards full amount must be made in advance before shipping.
  3. At the moment I accept only online bank transfers or Cash payments for local pick ups

Customization Process

  1. Once I have received an e-mail with your order form we will have a common discussion about the design and budget details. A summary email with the details about your order based on our discussion will follow. At this stage your order is booked and no further changes will be entertained unless it’s an additional requirement
  2. Once you approve the cost estimate, you pay 50% of the order value in advance choosing either one of the payment methods most convenient to you
  3. When I receive the payment, I will send you a confirmation and start the work.
  4. When your order is ready, it will be couriered if that’s the option you have chosen, or inform you about the completion of the order so that you can pick it up.
  5. An invoice with the final cost details, shipping details & consignment tracking number (if applicable), balance amount payable and due date for payment, is sent to you by email or SMS
  6. you can directly contact on +91-9636608806 (whatssap available )
  7. Once any order  booked and confirmed there will be no refunds on cancellations.
  8. All the products samples are displayed on Blog and Fb pages you can check. No additional pics or design will be mail or whatssap on mobile.

Ready to pick up Projects

  1. For Ready to pick up Projects I will send you the cost details and you make full payment choosing either one of the payment methods most convenient to you.
  2. On receiving the payment I will send you a confirmation and ship the card(s) to the shipping address provided by you or it will be picked by you as per your choice.

Other Terms and Disclaimers.

  1. The operating hours for e-mails and phone calls shall be between 10.00 AM and 7.00 PM on weekdays only.
  2. Execution of cards, especially replicated designs and tweaked designs, shall depend upon availability of materials. The customer shall be informed of any shortage in STOCK  before the order is confirmed.
  3. As all the products are hand made, creation of an exact replica may not be possible and therefore, the actual design on the replicated card may slightly differ from the image displayed on the website.
  4. To ensure that the design is acceptable and to avoid returns, upon request, a mock design may be sent by the design team before assembling the final product. The customer then has the option to suggest changes or approve the design. Once the design is approved by the customer, it cannot be altered.
  5. Card(s) accepted by the customer cannot be returned.
  6. RANGAT STUDIO  owns the rights to the pictures of all of its creations and requests that due credit be given to my work if any of its creations are photographed and/or reproduced on any blogs, social media websites or anywhere else on the internet.

* No of days include just the time taken to process and execute your order. They exclude the time taken to courier the card.

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