Hori hai :)

Ha ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ….. Holi Hai !

Radhe Radhe..!!


Today i’m gonna dedicate this post to my lovely friends . last weekend was Holi , a festival to be cherished and surrounded by colors

Holi the festival of colours ..colours of nature ,colours of culture and love.The festival is associated with the eternal divine love of Radha rani and Krishna.There celebration of love and unity.Whereas in Varanasi its associated with the companionship and understanding of shiva and Parvati.wether the colour travels from south to north or from east to west it colours everyone irrespective of their caste religion social status or language.colouring the mind hearts and the world with Colour of love and humanity.may Krishna shower his grace and love on the human kind.Aj Braj holi re Sakhi ..Aj Braj mein Holi ..Radha lage pyari Krishna Manohari……

To share this love of holi ,i made few gifts for my love ones . a box full of colors and sweet to fill their life with joy on this holi . a small my wat to thanks them for being in my life . I wanted make more of such gifts for my love ones , but was lack in few resources and time , so was only able to make them for few friends only….

I wanted to thanks and wish lots of friends n family member but i couldn’t this time … but next time for sure…

here are these beautiful gifting for holi ..:) hope you love them …


book marks
Holi gift packs

Hori ke Rasiya ki Jai !
Jai Thakur !
Jai Gaur !


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