Heart of Gold <3


Gud morning !!

The second giveaway of the month goes to my very dear best friend, Tanvi sharma..  I call her pandit …n she call be baniya 😛 .

She is just not a friend, she is a family .

In my bad time she use to call me n say… “ baniye tu tension mat le…call me any point of time 24×7 I’ll be dere for u” n trust me she was always there for me although she was very busy with auntie’s ill heath .

I feel love is all about giving time to ur love one when they need u … even thaw u r too busy… bcoz its about priority.

When I started working on this piece, I knew it would be difficult to capture her spirit into a mere piece of art, but I gave it my best shot.

She is, after all, a person with a heart of gold and a spirit that’s bold!

She is stronger than anyone I know and stands firmly for her beliefs and yet is always there for her loved ones. She has a unique perspective of life and so, I created a piece as unique as her.

Thank you Tanvi (pandit ) for being my best friend and for being there for me… Always…





plz share ur love in comments

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